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earth to bella!

despite the fact that i'm going to have to write a paper all is a good day.

new incubus album in my mailbox = good day.

and it's beautiful outside. i hope i get to play at least a little bit.

grant took lauren, jennie, and i to his secret spot last night. it's fantabulous. i know i say it all the time but...i love my roomies.

my brother left a whole box of my clothes AND my laundry hamper at home. thanks for listening when i called to remind you to get my stuff brother. now i am without my pea coat, tennis shoes, sweaters, some of my fav tshirts, m5 bum many essentials. and of course my parents can't ship a whole box of clothes. grrr. good thing i'll be home again in a few weeks.

time to walk to class! peaceeeeeeeee.
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