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moving away from the CPU...

i finished my last paper of the term about an hour ago.

now i have 3 exams and then...i return home!

eliot morris is playing a christmas show in mobile over the break and i expect all of you mobilians to be there.

i studied with lauren t. this morning and we talked about italy (she's lived there for the past 5 years...) and basically, i really really want to study abroad there. i hope i can overcome my fear of being away from the comfort of the US for three months so i won't miss out on such a fabulous opportunity.

i need to do laundry and study MIS. right about now. peace out.
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what day is eliot playing?
is it just me or did you put some kind of filter on your icon? from what i remember it was just a clear pic but now it looks different for some reason.. maybe it's just my computer acting strange or something. hopefully it's not my eyes!