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could you correct my crooked love tonight?

things i must do before christmas break (in two weeks) :

-correct and email marketing paper to group
-MIS case study
-MIS test thursday
-read a book for history by friday
-marketing group meeting friday
-marketing group meeting sunday
-marketing presentation monday
-MIS paper due monday
-MIS presentation monday or tuesday
-history paper due (next) wednesday

i return home on danielle's 21st birthday...the 13th! it'll be fun times. except i might have to work over the break because of my "financial situation". (however, we got the wachovia thing figured out and they credited my account $75...swoosh)

fun things before christmas break:

-fix the secret spot?
-will hoge friday
-florez next saturday
- ...yeah

i'm visiting ginny in DC the weekend of january 26th. because jennie can't go to cleveland, i scratched that plan. now the DC trip is going to be my birthday present. ginny is going to incubus in DC with me on the 26th! then we will play the rest of the weekend. she is giving me a tour of capitol hill since she will be working there. and i'm sure we'll shop and maybe hit up some bars (ha, not). fun stuff. i'm kind of scared of riding the metro by myself (i'd have to b/c ginny will be working when i get there). like i told ginny...i rode plenty of metros in europe, but i just followed jennie around haha. i didn't really know what i was doing. but i think i'll be able to figure it out in DC. at least they speak english ha.
by the way, in case it's not obvious...ginny and jennie are two different people. ginny = roomie last year. jennie = roomie this year. both = great friends.

ok i need to do work or get in bed. peace out!

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